State of Montenegro

State of Montenegro

The state of Montenegro can be considered a founder of  38 media outlets. The Parliament of Montenegro is the founder of the public broadcaster RTCG (Radio Television of Montenegro) with its 4 Television channels, Radio Montenegro with 2 channels and portal Radio Television Montenegro (

State of Montenegro is indirectly the founder of 6 local television companies (Gradska TV, TV Nikšić, TV Pljevlja, TV Budva, TV Rožaje, TV Herceg Novi) and 14 local radio stations (Radio Andrijevica, Radio Berane, Radio Bijelo Polje, Radio Budva, Radio Cetinje, Radio Danilovgrad, Radio Herceg Novi, Radio Kotor, Radio Nikšić, Radio Pljevlja, Radio Tivat, Radio Ulcinj, Radio Bar and Radio Rožaje) that were established by local parliaments of these municipalities. 

The state also indirectly is the founder of  11 online publications of these local broadcasters (Gradski portal, Portal of Radio Television Nikšić, Portal TV Pljevlja, Portal TV Budva, Portal TV Rožaje, Portal of Radio Television Herceg Novi, Radio Berane Portal, Portal Radio Bijelo Polje, Portal Radio Television Cetinje, Portal Radio Kotor and Portal Radio Tivat).  

The idea of state funded local media is derived from the idea of providing local diversity and coverage of local information through local media outlets supported financially by the state/local budgets.

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