Srđan Milovanović

Srđan Milovanović

Srđan Milovanović is a Serbian businessman who owns Prva TV Crna Gora.

Srđan Milovanović is the owner of the Kopernikus Corporation and the brother of Zvezdan Milovanović, until recently, a long-time trustee of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party for the city of Niš. The owner of the local and cable television station Kopernikus, Milovanović became the owner of television with a national frequency in December 2018, when he bought the media owned by the Antenna Group - TV Prva and O2, as TV B92, Prva TV Montenegro, Play radio, six cable channels and three portals, and were called at the time. About a month earlier, he sold Kopernikus Technology, a cable operator, to Telekom Srbija for about €195 million. Media experts said that the ruling Serbian Progressive Party had monopolised the media market with this purchase. He has been in the media spotlight several times before. During the 2012 election campaign, he sold eight hours of programming from a Kopernikus channel to Sens Marketing, a company close to the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), which broadcast its own programme. The Republican Broadcasting Agency announced that parties could not rent the programme in this way. Milovanović was also reported in 2016, when the controversial businessman Predrag Ranković Peconi was wounded at the Hotel Prague in Belgrade. He was sitting at the table when Peconi was shot, and the media wrote that the reason for the gathering of the society was precisely the celebration organised by Srđan Milovanović for the purchase of the Hotel Prague. The Milovanović brothers own several offshore companies. According to business documents, Srđan Milovanović has been operating through offshore companies for years. Among other things, Milovanović owns the record label KCN Records, which was founded in 2009. The first album released by the label was by folk singer Jovana Tipšin, Milovanović’s girlfriend at the time. In a public tender, Milovanović bought a plot of New Belgrade plot from the Directorate for Construction Land and Construction of Belgrade, where there was a flea market, for about 20.2 million euros, reported. The Kopernikus company was to build the Kopernikus Tower on the site, "the most modern and largest office complex in the country and the region" with 100,000 square metres. According to the Business Registers Agency, Srđan Milovanović is the owner, director or representative of 15 companies, including hotels and restaurants, such as the Belgrade Hotel Prague, as well as companies involved in construction, real estate sales, road haulage and trade in tobacco products. His brother Zvezdan owns the KCN television station with a local frequency.

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Zvezdan Milovanovic.

Srđan and Zvezdan Milovanovic are brothers. Zvezdan Milovanovic is a high-ranking member of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party and until recently he was the party's commissioner for the city of Nis for many years. Zvezdan is the owner of local television stations KCN.

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