Perović Family

Perović Family

Miodrag Perović or “Miško” Perović is a university professor and member of the General Assembly of the Croatian Academy of Sciences. He has been a founder of several media in Montenegro, and directly or through his family members, has shares in the weekly Monitor, Vijesti media group, daily Vijesti, portal Vijesti Online and television Vijesti, as well as in radio and portal Antena M.

His relatives and immediate family members are involved in the ownership of various media in Montenegro.

Miodrag Perović no longer has direct ownership in Vijesti media outlets, but holds 18% of the ownership in Radio Antena M. He also has 35,35% of ownership of the weekly Monitor. Miodrag, through his family members, holds ownership in both companies that publish Vijesti media outlets as well as additional shares in Antena M and Monitor.

Members of his wider family have investments in several other businesses in Montenegro unrelated to the media.

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Andrej Perović

son of Miodrag Perović, 14.06% shareholder in Televizija Vijesti; together with other members of the Perović family, Andrej, jointly with other connected persons including Jovana Popović, Ljubiša Mitrović, Miljan Mališ, Norah Licet Becerra Farfan and Nenad Radulović are the shareholders of Lovćen bank, where they jointly have 20,9884% of shares;

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The data on the media organization was collected from the Registry of non-govermental organizations of Montenegro, Agency for electronic Media,Tax administration portal Taxis, website of the media and desk research.