Orhan Hodžić

Orhan Hodžić

Orhan Hodžić was the president of OKI Air Group. OKI Air Group has been established in Podgorica before more than 20 years. He was the general agent for various airlines in Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia. After the escalation of the media affair based on his election to the board of directors of Air Montenegro, Orhan Hodžić promptly changed the ownership structure of his companies. The ownership of his company "Oki Air" in Ljubljana was transferred to his close relative Danijel Hodžić, who is also the director of his company "Oki Air Travel".

He has transferred the ownership of his company "Oki Air Montenegro" to his civil partner Minka Lekić, who is also the CEO of his company "Oki Air Broadcasting". He also transferred the ownership of his company "Oki Air International" in Belgarde to Aleksandra Ivanović, who was its CEO while Hodžić was its official owner.

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Minka Lekić

according to available media sources, she is the civil partner of Orhan Hodžić. Her biography is not publicly available online, she is the CEO of Oki Air Broadcasting. She is now the sole owner of “Oki Air Montenegro”.

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