Krdžić family

Krdžić family

Miloš and Ružica Krdžić are Serbian business couple who own Radio TDI in Montenegro. Later on, they sold 51% to the company owned by Saša Blagojević.

Although they have been in the media business for more than 20 years through TDI radio, Miloš and Ružica Krdžić became known to the general public after the privatisation of Studio B in 2015, when the company Maksim Media, then co-owned by Ružica and Miloš Krdžić, bought the city television for 530,000 euros. After the privatisation, the media owned by the companies of the Krdžić family received more significant funds in the competitions for media co-financing in 2015 and 2016, and Studio B television drastically changed the programme scheme. In this context, members of the professional public associate the family with the ruling Serbian Progressive Party. In 2018, the Krdžićs sold Studio B to the owner of the tabloid Alo Saša Blagojević. Blagojević and the couple Ružica and Miloš Krdžić are co-owners of several radio stations. In addition to HIT, they also have stakes in the Lola, TDI, Jat and Karolina radio stations. As co-owners of Maksim Media Plus, which is majority-owned by Blagojević, they also own several marketing and cable communication companies. The Krdžićs have also entered the property development business and began building in Dedinje, an elite Belgrade neighbourhood, without a building permit, which they applied for several times. The building was later legalised.

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Advertising agency

Maksim Media Plus, 49%

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Central Hill 100%

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BIS-commerce 49%

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Saša Blagojević

Although little known to the media public, Blagojević has become more involved in the ownership structure of various media since 2017, and the daily Danas brings him into close contact with the regime of the Serbian Progressive Party.
Blagojević bought the daily newspaper Alo in 2017 and became the owner of Studio B the following year through the company Global Media Technology. Blagojević had previous experience in marketing as the CEO and co-owner of the marketing agency "Trilenium." In August 2017, after the acquisition of Alo, Blagojević also founded the company Alo Marketing. In the meantime, he started the Pogled portal in Montenegro and BizPortal in Serbia. Also, he is a co-owner of Hit, Karolina, Lola, JAT, and TDI radio stations through Maxim Media Plus.

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Official data on ownership are publicly available on the website of the Agency for business entities of Serbia and Central registry for business entities of Montenegro.