Bogdan Todorović

Bogdan Todorović is a Serbian businessman who owns 100% of S Controls d.o.o. Šabac in Montenegro.

Todorović became the majority owner of four radio stations in Serbia in 2023 when he took a stake in the Anđelković family companies. Today, the S Radio Group also operates Radio S2, the former Radio Index, Radio S3, the former Radio Pingvin, Radio S4, the former City Radio, Radio S1 of Montenegro, Radio S3 of Montenegro and Radio S of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Todorović's name was unknown in media circles before he came under the ownership of the Anđelković family. Todorović also became the majority owner of other media companies and agencies previously owned by the Anđelković family. There is not much information about his biography. He is also the owner of the insurance brokerage Premium Partner from Šabac and a member of the supervisory board of the construction company Construction Biomass VR from Belgrade.

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Insurance Brokerage (Premium Partner, 100%)

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There is almost no information about Todorović in public. The media did not report on him and his business. Data on him is only available through public registers that accompany ownership.