BC Partners

BC Partners

BC Partners is a majority shareholder of the United Group.

BC Partners is an international investment company that manages billions of euros, investing in various sectors and issuing loans. Founded in 1986, the holding company has played an active role in developing and shaping the European acquisitions market for three decades. Today, the CEOs of BC Partners operate across many markets as an integrated team, through offices in North America and Europe. Since its establishment, BC Partners has made 126 investments in 18 countries, with a total value of 160 billion euros. No single individual in the company holds 10 percent or more of the shares.

In March 2019, BC Partners acquired a majority stake in United Group from the KKR investment fund. KKR retained a minority stake in the company, although the exact percentage is undisclosed. KKR, led by Henry Kravis and George Roberts, is a New York-based global investment firm established in 1976. KKR manages investment funds from a wide range of sectors, including pension funds, energy, insurance, investment banks, commercial banks, and endowments.

Raymond Svider is the Chairman of BC Partners and Chairman of the Management Committee. He joined BC Partners in 1992.

Nikos Stathopoulos is the Chairman and a member of the Management Committee, while Jean-Baptiste Wautier is the Senior Advisor.

BC Partners was founded in 1986 by Otto van der Wyck and John Burgess, a Managing Partner of BC Partners until his retirement in 2005. Otto van der Wyck is a former chief executive of BC Partners.

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SBB (Serbia)

Telecommunications & Distribution

Telemach (Montenegro)

Computer programming

United Cloud (Serbia)


Direct media (Serbia)

Online store

Shoppster (Serbia)

Commercial Postal Activities

D Express (Serbia)

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United Group RS (Serbia)

Cable Telecommunications

Mainstream (Serbia)

Buying and selling real estate (Dansav Plaza – Serbia)


Big Print (Serbia)

Esports Company

Fortuna E-Sports (Serbia)

Real Estate Rental

Ali Invest (Serbia)

Juice production

Flama Fructis(Serbia)"

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