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Daily Press d.o.o. is a publisher of the daily Vijesti and portal Vijesti. The first issue of the newspaper was published on September 1st, 1997. It is the daily newspaper that the readers trust most in Montenegro, according to all available public opinion surveys.

A major change in ownership occurred in 2022 when the United Media s.a.r.l. became the majority shareholder in Vijesti by acquiring 51% shares from previous owners. However, some of those individuals, through their family members, kept part of the shares in Vijesti. They are owners of MNE Media One d.o.o. Company.

Together with Televizija Vijesti Daily Press d.o.o. form the biggest media group in the country called Vijesti Media Group. Some of the co-owners of Vijesti Media Group own a weekly political magazine called Monitor.

Media Group Vijesti is also recognized for the views and opinions of one of its founders, Željko Ivanović, who regularly publishes columns that are heavily criticised by some political parties and organisation.

Key facts

Mother Company

United Media S.A. R.L. and Mne Media One d.o.o.

Business Form


Legal Form

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

Business Sectors

Newspapers printing


Individual Owner

Media Development Investment Fund

Media Development Investment Fund (MDIF) is a not-for-profit investment fund for independent media in countries where access to free and independent media is under threat. The founder is Saša Vučinić, a Serbian journalist and is the co-founder of North Base Media VC, and co-founder and former CEO and Managing Director of the Media Development Loan Fund. He established B92 in Serbia, during Slobodan Milosevic’s regime as a legal entity and was its first CEO.

Media Outlets
Other Media Outlets

Other Online Outlets

Portal Vijesti


General Information

Founding Year


Affiliated Interests Founder

Miodrag Perović, Željko Ivanovic, Ljubiša Mitrovic, Mihajlo Jovović, Milka Tadić Mijović

ND Vijesti was established by several prominent individuals from the media industry, who held several ownerships and/or managerial positions in other media – including Miodrag Perović, Željko Ivanovic, Ljubiša Mitrovic and Mihajlo Jovović from daily Vijesti and Milka Tadić Mijović from weekly Monitor.




Trg nezavisnosti bb, Podgorica

E-mail: marijana.bojanic@vijesti.me

Phone number: +382 20040602

Website: www.vijesti.me

Tax/ ID Number

(PIB): 02255383

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

2.840 million EUR / 2.982 million USD

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

0.577 million EUR / 0,605 million USD

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing Data


Executive Board

Željko Ivanović

President of the Board

Other Influential People

Mihailo Jovović

Editor-in-chief, he is one of the founders of the outlets in the Vijesti Media Group. Jovović has been part of the Daily Vijesti and later Portal Vijesti editorial since its establishment. Jovović, a journalist by profession, was the editor-in-chief of the Daily and Portal Vijesti from 2011 to 2018, when he became the program director of Vijesti. Since October 2023 Jovović is again Editor-in-Chief of the Daily and Portal Vijesti. Since 2021 Jovović has also been the head of the Government’s Commission for Monitoring of Activities of Authorities Responsible for Investigations of Attacks on Journalists and Media.

Further Information

Active Transparency

company/channel informs proactively and comprehensively about its ownership, data is constantly updated and easily verifiable

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Meta Data

There is no publicly available information on the initial owners and founders of Daily Vijesti or their shares at the time of incorporation.
MOM Team in Montenegro contacted the media outlet on August 18, 2023 as is the practice for Media Ownership Monitor to invite media owners to proactively disclose information relevant to the study.
Advertising revenue data, as well as market share data, are missing. No public up-to-date information is available on the size of the Montenegrin advertising market post-Covid 19.
ND Vijesti publishes some of its content on Portal Vijesti as its own website since both are owned by the Daily Press d.o.o. An evarage annual exchange rate of the Central Bank for 2022 was used to convert EUR into USD (1,05).
The data on the media outlet was collected from the Central Registry of business entities of Montenegro, Agency for electronic media, Tax administration portal Taxis, website of the media and desk research.