Adria management Services

Adria management Services

Adria management services d.o.o. is a company owned by Miloš Janjušević, a person on whom no additional information was found.

Adria management services is the direct owner and publisher of the Borba Portal, the company holds 70% of the ownership in the Adria TV, Montenegrin national frequency television.

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Limited Liability Company (LLC)

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Consulting services


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Miloš Janjušević

Owns 100% of the company and is considered the founder of the portal. There is no publicly available information about the owner's profile.




Stanka Dragojevića bb, Podgorica


Phone number: +38269520049

Alternative address can be found at Adria TV impressum: Pera Ćetkovića br. 86 – Podgorica

Tax/ ID Number

(PIB): 02883252

Financial Information

Revenue (Financial Data/ Optional)

2,045 million EUR / 2,147 million USD

Operating Profit (in Mill. $)

0,112 million EUR / 0,117 million USD

Advertising (in % of total funding)

Missing data


Other Influential People

Miljan Žugić

Is the CEO of “Adria management services” d.o.o. He is the president of the Board of Directors of the Adria Group, Adria Marketing & Media and Adria TV, making him very much involved in media management. He was recently elected as President of the Handball club Partizan.

Further Information

Active Disguise

in addition to unavailability of true data, ownership is disguised, e. g. through bogus companies, etc.

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Meta Data

There are many contradictory data when it comes to this media. The central registry for business entities enlist Miljan Žugić as CEO of “Adria management services” D.O.O. but the taxation authorities enlist Bratislav Stoiljković as CEO of “Adria management services”. Media available sources have also pointed in the direction that Stoiljković was acting in the capacities of this role. Media sources also noted that “Adria management services” was registered in Podgorica during 2012 with the foreign capital and bought 100% ownership of the Radio Jadran from Herceg Novi and 70% of ownership in A1 Television. There aren’t too many publicly available business information about Stoiljković but the media wrote on his involvement in politics, as one of people close to the Serbian President Vučić. Montenegrin media reported that he was denied entry to Montenegro after being included in the incident of involvement in local elections that occurred in Nikšić.In April 2023 he has informed the public that he has resigned from the ownership of “Adria management services” and Adria Tv.
Even though the central registry of business entities enlists Miloš Janjušević as founder and sole owner of “Adria management services” media sources have different data. Publicly available information is that Borba was established and owned by their former Editor in chief Dražen Živković. Živković used to work for newspaper “Dan” prior to this engagement but was appointed editor in chief of Prva Television in 2021.
The data on the media company was collected from the Central Registry of business entities of Montenegro, Agency for electronic Media,Tax administration portal Taxis, website of the media and desk research. Audience shares are missing, since there is no credible centralized audience measuring mechanism in the country.
MOM team in Montenegro contacted the media outlet on August 18, 2023, as is the practice for Media Ownership Monitor, to invite the media owners to proactively disclose information relevant to the study.
The annual average exchange rate of the Central Bank for 2022 was used to convert EUR into USD (1,05).