Television is by far the most used media format in Montenegro. In total 77,9% of citizens watch TV daily or several times during the week. According to the available information, 35,9% of citizens trust TV, 33,8% partially trust, while 27,3% do not trust TV.

By far the most trusted TV is Televizija Vijesti with 35,1%, followed by the National Public Broadcaster RTCG with 26,8%. In total, 16,1% of citizens trust Prva TV, while Nova M holds 13,8% of the trust. All others together have 8,2% of the trust.

Together, the two foreign-owned television channels Televizija Vijesti and Nova Mp have almost half of the public trust in Montenegro. Their parent company, United Group, is an international media conglomerate controlled by Serbian businessman Dragan Šolak.

Besides RTCG, which has three TV and one satellite TV channel, Montenegro has six local public TV broadcasters. In addition, Montenegro has registered 15 commercial TV channels, out of which four have national frequency – Televizija Vijesti, Prva, Nova M, and TV Adria.

Montenegro has no publicly available audience measurement system. Telekom Crna Gore, together with Ipsos and Nielsen, measures the Television audience through the system called Ariana; however, that is proprietary information, which is not accessible to the public. MOM Team used the data for sampling purposes, i.e. to select the most viewed, hence potentially the most influential television stations in the country. However, the measurement system does not include all the TV stations in the MOM sample, making it impossible to calculate the concentration in the market. The rest of the media from the sample were included based on their territorial coverage, provided by the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM).