Online Media

Digital media are the most consumed in the country. According to the official data, 115 digital media are registered with the Ministry of Culture and Media. However, a registration for portals is not obligatory by the Law. Therefore, it is expected that the number of portals publishing news on a regular basis is much higher.

Since Montenegro does not have an audience measurement system for portals, the MOM sample is based on data from SimilarWeb for the period from February to April 2023. All Montenegrin portals that had over one million total visits in the reporting period were included in the sample.

According to public opinion surveys, portals are used daily or several times per week by 56% of the population. When it comes to public trust, 28,4% of the population trust portals, 37,8% partially trust, while 19,5% do not trust portals. By far the most trusted portal is Vijesti with 33,1%, followed by RTCG with 15,4%. The next is CDM at 11,4% and Portal Analitika at 8,8%. Pobjeda has 6,5% of trust, while Dan has 6%.