TVCG 2 - is the second programme of the national public broadcaster RTCG. It used to broadcast live parliamentary sessions until TVCG 3, the Parliament channel, was established. The founder of RTCG is the Parliament of Montenegro, and the rights on behalf of the founder are represented by the RTCG Council, in accordance with the law. In addition to the Council, Radio Television of Montenegro is managed by the general director of RTCG.

Besides TV and radio, RTCG has a portal and a Program Archive - a treasury of audiovisual achievements.

RTCG is a member of the EBU - European Broadcasting Union - the largest association of national media organisations in the world with 74 members in 56 European countries and 35 associated members worldwide.

The head of RTCG is Boris Raonić, a former civil activist whose previous appointment was ruled illegal by the Court. Upon the ruling, the Council again appointed Raonić as director general of the RTCG.

In the impressum there is no available information on the editors of TV and radio programs. RTCG has 746 employees. There is no precise information on how many of them are employees in each division of the company.

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Public Company RTCG


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The founder and sole owner of of Javno preduzeće “Radio i Televizija Crne Gore” is the Parliament of Montenegro.

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Parliament of Montenegro

The founder of the RTCG is the Parliament of Montenegro, and the rights on behalf of the founder are represented by the Council of the RTCG in accordance with the Law.

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Boris Raonić

Was a civil society activist before being elected general director of Radio Television Montenegro. A dispute, followed by a civil lawsuit, resulted in the decision of the court in Podgorica reaching the verdict that Raonić's election was unlawful. The Higher Court has confirmed this decision.
The court has deliberated based on the lawsuit of journalist Nikola Marković, who was also a candidate for the position of General director. The complaint was based on the fact that Raonić shouldn’t have been elected because he had, at the time, a conflict of interest, being the member of the Council for Electronic Media, appointed by the Parliament, which was in collision with the law on Radio Television Montenegro.
Many civil society organisations were pointing out the unlawfulness of the election of Raonić. However, the Council again expressly appointed Raonić despite the Court ruling.

Affiliated Interests Editor-In-Chief

Vuk Perović

A distinguished culture figure, who is also editor of film and series programs at RTCG. He regularly acts as jury member for various film festivals.

Affiliated Interests other important people

Marija Tomašević

An agronomist by profession, worked in RTCG from 1996 to 2006. Later on she worked at Atlas TV, Pro TV and IN TV.
Tomašević was appointed by general director Boris Raonić to the position of the director of Television of Montenegro, despite her obvious conflict of interest. Namely, at the moment of her appointment, her brother was a public official, member of the State Election Commission, on behalf of the political group Democratic Front. According to the law, she could not be appointed due to that fact. She was dismissed based on the findings from the Administration for Inspection, after which Raonić appointed her back to the position, this time as acting director.


Address: Bulevar revolucije 19, Podgorica


Phone number: +38220244531


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The data on the media outlet was collected from the Central Registry of business entities of Montenegro, Agency for electronic media, Tax administration portal Taxis, website of the media and desk research. Audience shares are missing, since there is no credible centralized audience measuring mechanism in the country.
MOM team in Montenegro contacted the media outlet on August 18, 2023, as is the practice for Media Ownership Monitor, to invite the media owners to proactively disclose information relevant to the study.
The annual average exchange rate of the Central Bank for 2022 was used to convert EUR into USD (1,05).
Since the founder of Javno preduzeće “Radio i Televizija Crne Gore” is the Parliament of Montenegro there are no owners. The Radio and Television are being supervised by the Council, composed of 9 members who have collective responsibility. Members of the Council of Radio Television Montenegro are: Predrag Marsenić, Filip Lazović, Veselin Drljević who is the President of the Council, Amina Murić, Predrag Miranović, Naod Zorić, Marijana Camović Veličković who is the Vice President of the Council and Milica Špajak.