Željko Mitrović

Željko Mitrović

Željko Mitrović is a Serbian businessman who, until 2018, owned a national frequency TV in Montenegro - Pink M. In 2018, Mitrović sold the company to United Media, which was re-brander to Nova M. Mitrović’s Pink Media Group continued to broadcast the Pink M channel for Montenegro, but from Serbia, and it is distributed only via cable operators.

Željko Mitrović started his career in the 1990s in a media environment that was strictly controlled by Slobodan Milošević and Mirjana Marković. Mitrović was a member of Mirjana Marković's party Jugoslovenska levica (JUL) and a federal representative of this party. He was in JUL since 1996, and in this party, he was the head of the marketing department. He was expelled from the party in 2002.

Using his close ties with the ruling elite, Mitrović launched the Pink radio station in 1993, and then obtained the national frequency for broadcasting Pink television in 1994. Just four years later, PINK became the leading commercial television station in the country.

Mitrović always maintains good relations with each new ruling structure.

Since 2012, Pink TV has published several videos and reports broadcast in central news programs targeting members of the opposition and public figures who criticise the regime of Aleksandar Vučić. One of those videos was of Oliver Ivanović, the opposition leader of Serbs from the north of Kosovo, who was killed just a few weeks after the video was broadcast on Pink TV.

Thanks to his close relations with state officials, Mitrović's business has been constantly expanding over the years in various areas and beyond the borders of Serbia.

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Pink M is not registered in Montenegro. This is the reason why there is no Montenegrin company owned by Mitrović, available to the public.