Individual Owners

Montenegrin media have a few powerful foreign owners, who control many media. Dragan Šolak, a Serbian businessman, together with BC Partners, owns United Group, which holds majority ownership in Vijesti Daily, Vijesti portal, and Vijesti TV, as well as theTV station Nova M. The Greek businessman Petros Stathis owns the daily and portal Pobjeda, as well as the portals CDM and Portal Analitika. Serbian Srđan Milovanović, through Kopernikus Corporation from Cyprus, owns TV Prva.

Montenegro has some very powerful local owners as well. Families Perović and Ivanović have a minority but still a significant number of shares in Vijesti daily, TV, and portal, while the Perović family holds most shares in weekly Monitor and minority shares in radio and portal Antena M.

Mladen Milutinović, together with the family of late Duško Jovanović, owns the daily and portal Dan, Revija D magazine, and Radio D, while they are affiliated with another – radio D Plus.

For several ultimate beneficial owners, there is no publicly available information on their background, nor are they familiar to the public, which is raising suspicions about the ownership disguise.