Ast (Kopernikus Corporation)

Ast (Kopernikus Corporation)

Ast d.o.o. is based in Montenegro, with the head office in Podgorica, and is the publisher of the Prva TV in Montenegro, a sister channel of the TV station in Serbia which bears the same name.

The company was bought by Srđan Milovanović through Kopernikus Corporation ltd from Cyprus in 2018, at the same time he made the acquisition of Prva TV in Serbia.While key information on the company is available to the public, Prva TV is the only national frequency TV where it is not possible to determine whether it has the editor-in-chief.

Ast d.o.o., is the subsidiary of Kopernikus Corporation, a Cypriot company 100% owned by Srđan Milovanović. This company is the ultimate owner or co-owner of numerous companies in Serbia.

Milovanović founded Kopernikus Technology in 1998 and until 2002 the company was engaged in the sale of satellite dishes, air conditioners, as well as audio video devices when it became a leading importer and distributor of cable television equipment (cable stations, amplifiers, passive and active equipment and all types of cables). Since 2005, Kopernikus has been expanding its business to the design, construction and exploitation of cable distribution systems (KDS), and since 2008 it has been expanding its range of services with the introduction of the Internet. As part of the offer of cable television services, Kopernikus offers a large number of domestic and foreign television programs (about 200 channels), out of which numerous have pro-government content.

In 2016, Abris Capital Partners, one of the leading investment funds in Central Europe, became the majority owner of the company, while Milovanović, brother of Zvezdan Milovanović, a senior official of the ruling Serbian Progressive Party, remains a minority owner. In December 2018, Kopernikus Corporation Ltd, owned by Milovanović, bought for EUR 180 million all media operating in Serbia within the Antenna Group, including TV stations Prva and O2. Before that, Milovanović sold the subsidiaries of the cable operator to the state telecommunications company Telekom for almost EUR 195 million. The Antitrust Commission approved this sale, because the Antenna did not exceed the market share of 35%, the threshold for concentration according to the Law on Electronic Media. TV Prva and B92 were also granted permission to broadcast their program at the national level in 2022. However, when Kopernikus was about to enter into a contract with the SBB cable network, it made a bid that was higher than the one of the market. Subsequently, SBB and Kopernikus entered into a three-year contract to continue broadcasting, which raised the cost of broadcasting by 14%. SBB pays more than four million euros annually for television Prva and B92.

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Ast d.o.o.

Based in Montenegro, with the head office in Podgorica. The company was bought by Srđan Milovanović and his Kopernikus Corporation LTD from Cyprus in 2018.


Bulevar Džordža Vašingtona, Zgr Unistan,Kula C

Phone number: +38220234840



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(PIB) 02650860

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1.444 million EUR /1.516 million USD

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-0,438 million EUR / -0,459 million USD

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Srđan Milovanović

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The data on the media company was collected from the Central Registry of business entities of Montenegro, Tax administration portal Taxis, website of the media and desk research.
MOM team in Montenegro contacted the media outlet on August 18, 2023, as is the practice for Media Ownership Monitor, to invite the media owners to proactively disclose information relevant to the study.
The annual average exchange rate of the Central Bank for 2022 was used to convert EUR into USD (1,05).