Radios are still a commonly used media in Montenegro, although consumption of information through it is in decline. In 2023, almost half (49,8%) of citizens listened to the radio daily or several times during the week. Radio, together with daily newspapers, is a format that has the biggest public trust. In total, 35% of citizens trust the radio, 31,8% partially trust it, only 19,6% do not trust the radio.

However, there is no publicly available information on the public’s trust in individual radio stations in Montenegro.

Montenegro has 15 local public radio stations, 28 commercial radio stations, and three non-profit ones, while the National Public Broadcaster RTCG has two radio channels. Out of three non-profit radios, two belong to religious communities – the Serbian Orthodox Church (Radio Svetigora) and the Islamic Community (Radio Fatih).

Most of the commercial radio stations are predominantly oriented towards music, and informative program is scarce.

There is no audience measurement system in place for radio stations. Therefore, the sample of the Media Ownership Monitor relies on official data of the regulator – the Agency for Electronic Media (AEM). It consists of radio stations that have informative programs and the largest coverage area.