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Gradska TV was established in 2020, by the Capital of Podgorica, and from the beginning raised controversies in terms of funds invested in the media, and the need for such a large local public broadcaster.

The Council of the Radio Television Podgorica is responsible for supervising local public broadcasters and appointing the director. The new composition of the Council is composed of Vesna Radulović on behalf of the Union of employers as President of the Council, Tatjana Novović, on behalf of the University of Montenegro, Zoran Rakočević, on behalf of the civil society, Aleksandar Đurišić, on behalf of the Chamber of lawyers and Tatjana Džudović, on behalf of the Trade union. The new Council was elected by the local parliament on November 30th 2023.

Since its foundation, Gradska TV was accused of bias in reporting and promoting the interests of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS). The newly elected local government started the procedure to change the leadership of Gradska TV in 2023.

The previous Council was composed of Živko Andrijašević, the president, and members Husein Tuzović, Dragaana Tripković, Božidar Jaredić and Amer Ramusović. Those individuals are Podgorica residents and were appointed by Podgorica’s Local Parliament, according to the Law on Electronic Media.

The TV Gradska is available through cable and satellite television networks.

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Radio Televizija Podgorica


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Gradska TV is owned by Glavni grad (municipality of Podgorica).

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Glavni grad (Podgorica)

Gradska TV, which is fully owned by the Glavni grad (Capital of Podgorica) was founded while former mayor of Podgorica Ivan Vuković, and vice president of Democratic Party of Socialist was the head of Podgorica.

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Vladimir Otasević

The newly elected Council of the Radio Television Podgorica has elected a long time journalist Vladimir Otašević as acting CEO of Radio Television Podgorica on December 12th 2023. He had the support of four out of five members of the Council. The fifth member, lawyer Aleksandar Đurišić has publicly stated that he didn’t support the election of Otašević because he claims that his biography was incomplete. He stated that Otašević has excluded to enlist the fact that he is a governmental official and the fact that he was employed in the Daily “Dan” during 2018 and 2019.
Đurišić has also stated that there was confusion about the level of qualifications of Otašević since he has finalized his fifth year of faculty during last year and as such he doesn’t fit into the minimum level of qualifications required by the propositions. „Having in mind this illegality my opinion was that his application should have been rejected as illicit. This is why I have voted against his election” concluded Đurišić.
After the decision on Otašević's election was published many representatives of the civic society commented that the election of Otašević as acting CEO was illegal and appealed on the President of the Council of Radio Television Podgorica Vesna Radulović to urgently convene a new session of that body and dissolve Otašević. Still, there was no reactions on the public appeals from the civil society.

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Gradska TV does not currently have an editor-in-chief according to the available information. The last editor-in-chief was Mirka Dević.


19. decembra 13, Podgorica


Phone number: +3820435881


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Radio Television Podgorica has not had a full-time director since its foundation, and Rade Vojvodić has been performing that function for two years on an acting basis, in violation of regulations. During 2023 he was elected for the fifth consecutive term of six months. However, the Founding Decision clearly stipulated that "the acting executive director performs this function until the appointment of the executive director, and no longer than six months from the date of his appointment.
The new Council has terminated the mandate of acting director Rade Vojvodić and as acting director elected Vladimir Otašević during a session closed for public, on December 12th 2023.